The Meat House staff has spent years in the kitchen and behind the grill preparing delicious meals that garner compliments and set the stage for a memorable dining experience. Here are some of our favorite recipes and preparation secrets designed to make your next trip to the kitchen or grill a fun and rewarding adventure.

To make it even easier, recipes are organized for you based on preparation, cooking time, and degree of difficulty.

Whether you have 15 minutes to grill up a tasty steak after work, or have the time to prepare the perfect entrée for an elegant dinner party, you’ll be sure to find it here.

15 minutes

In a hurry? Don’t settle on take-out! These quick-fix recipes let you satisfy your hunger (and your health) as fast as your busy day requires.


A delicious home-cooked meal can be an every-day affair with these fast-and-easy recipes, designed for working families.


You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish in just an hour with these mouthwatering preparations. Now, unique and hearty dinners can be ready in no time.

Holiday Recipes

In nearly every tradition, food plays a central role in any holiday celebration. Think back on your own childhood memories and, chances are, you can conjure up the smells of that special holiday kitchen. Here are some of our favorite recipes, collected over the years, and customized especially for The Meat House.

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